Fox News: How Israel’s Drones Help Minimize Civilian Casualties

A single Syrian missile strike on a bakery near Hama killed more than 60  innocent civilians last week, so how did Israel manage to fire more than 1,500  high powered missiles into densely-populated Gaza in November, with the total  loss of 161 lives, of which 90 have been acknowledged by Hamas itself as active  combatants?

The numbers speak for themselves, but very little credit has so far been  given by foreign governments, NGOs, and the international media for the care  taken by the Israeli military to avoid collateral damage during its recent  vicious engagement with Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters.

‘Major G,’ the chief instructing officer of the Israeli UAV (Drone) School, spoke  exclusively to on condition of anonymity about Israel’s hi-tech  drone capabilities, his military’s terms of engaging the enemy, and aspects of  his direct role in the recent Gaza conflict in which Israel strongly contends  most non-combatant deaths were as a result of Palestinian civilians being  routinely used as human shields by Hamas.

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Op-ed on Syria’s Descent by Senators McCain, Graham & Lieberman

John McCain and Lindsey O. Graham, both Republicans, represent Arizona and South Carolina in the Senate, respectively. Joseph I. Lieberman, an independent, represents Connecticut in the Senate.

As 2012 draws to a close, Syria is descending into hell. At least 40,000 people, and likely many more, have been killed, while millions have been forced to flee their homes. Over the past 12 months, Bashar al-Assad has steadily unleashed ever-greater military firepower in response to what began as peaceful protests by the Syrian people. Starting with tanks and heavy artillery in February, the Syrian regime escalated over the summer to using attack helicopters and fighter jets. In recent weeks, it has begun firing Scud missiles at its own population.

The world has failed to stop this slaughter. President Obama has declared that his “red line” is Assad’s use of chemical weapons. Many Syrians, however, have told us that they see the U.S. red line as a green light for Assad to use all other weapons of war to massacre them with impunity. Many of those weapons continue to be supplied directly by Iran.

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Iran imprisons pastor on Christmas Day

Iran’s government again arrested Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, 35, on Tuesday, and incarcerated him at Lakan Prison in Rasht.

Nadarkhani had served nearly three years in prison for practicing Christianity and rejecting the compulsory Islamic education for his two young children.

Fox News’ Iran expert Lisa Daftari reported on Nadarkhani’s arrest based on Persian-language press reports. The pastor converted from Islam to Christianity as a teenager. Read more on The Jerusalem Post website.

Netanyahu: We will respond to any threat

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to both Syria and Iran on Thursday saying that the long arm of the Israel Defense Forces will strike a strong blow against anyone who attempts to harm the country. Speaking at a pilot graduation event at the Hatzerim air base, Netanyahu addressed the current crisis in Syria as well.

“We all see what’s going on in Syria. Syria’s air force is striking hundreds of citizens and has no problem using any means at its disposal. Israel is monitoring the situation there closely and will do anything necessary to protect itself from a Syrian threat or any other threat. Israel extends its hand in an offer of peace to anyone who wants peace, but those who threaten us should know that our long arm will deal devastating blows to protect the country.”

Kadima Chairman Shaul Mofaz, who also attended the event, said, “Israel must prepare itself for the day after [Syrian President] Bashar Assad and all that his departure will entail, and take into account the possible rise to power of extreme elements under the guidance of Iran, which is involved up to its neck in the Syrian crisis, arming Assad’s regime and keeping it afloat with monetary aid.”

The prime minister’s remarks came on the heels of reports of a recent meeting between him and Jordan’s King Abdullah II during which, among other things, they discussed ways to secure Syria’s chemical weapons. Read more at Israel Hayom.