6 tried and true ways to beat BDS

David Brog 1

Story via The Times of Israel.

BDS. For over a decade this movement slowly spread while most of us in the pro-Israel community underestimated it. Then almost overnight we shifted from denial to panic. Some days it seems that BDS is the only topic we’re able to talk about anymore.

Between ignoring and obsessing lay the productive middle ground of fighting back on a sustained basis. A movement that has grown though multiple years of hard work at the grassroots can only be stopped by multiple years of hard work at the grassroots. No number of conferences or studies can change this fact.

1. No Silver Bullet
Everyone you talk to has “the answer.” And the answer is always different. Teach the fundamentals of the conflict. Never mention the conflict. Attack SJP. Ignore SJP. Bring lecturers to campus. Bring singers. All of the above are true at times. None alone are game changers.

2. Local Partners Are Key
Our most effective partners were those who actually live on campus: both campus-based student activists and the campus-based professionals of Hillel, Chabad and the wonderful Israel Fellows. Every successful event we funded was planned and implemented in close coordination with these local stakeholders.

3. Take Back the Quad
BDS supporters hold week-long, public events like “Israel Apartheid Week” to publicize their positions. Why don’t we? Together with our partners, we hosted public, week-long Israel celebrations on each of our six campuses. If part of this fight is about the environment on campus, then we must be part of that environment.

Read the whole story at The Times of Israel.

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