October 4, 2015: Sunday Evening Must-Reads

Sunday Must-Read Meme 10-4-2015

After horrifying terror attacks over this weekend, we want to focus attention on Adele Banita’s heartbreaking account of the horrific terror attack that took the life of her husband, Aharon, and of Nahemia Lavi who ran to defend her family when they were attacked. Adele’s account stands in stark contrast to the BCC’s and Al-Jazeera’s misleading and unethical headlines about the very same terror attack, which is why we have included an article highlighting those headlines. Please read and share these articles, because we must understand how the media’s distortion of these attacks influences the world’s perception of the terror which Israel is facing.

‘I Yelled for Help and They Spat at Me,’ Says Victim of Jerusalem Attack

‘The terrorist lunged at us, started stabbing my husband, then me. I tried to take away the knife, but I failed’

Adele Banita gives harrowing account of terror assault in which her husband Aharon and Old City resident Nehemia Lavi were murdered, and she was badly wounded

Adele Banita, one of the victims of Saturday night’s terror attack in Jerusalem Old City, gave a harrowing account of how the deadly stabbing assault unfolded and how her cries for help were ignored as her husband lay fatally wounded on the floor and she herself was stabbed.

“I yelled ‘please help me!’ and they just spat at me,” said Banita of the surrounding Palestinian shopkeepers whom she said looked on and did nothing as Palestinian terrorist Muhannad Halabi attacked her and her family in an alleyway near Lion’s Gate in the Old City.

The Banitas’ two-year-old son was also lightly injured in the attack. Their infant girl was unharmed.

Banita was taken in serious condition to Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem where she underwent emergency surgery overnight Saturday-Sunday. She regained consciousness on Sunday. Her husband died of his wounds at Shaare Zedek Hospital shortly after the attack.

“When we got back from the Western Wall, we felt that something wasn’t right,” she told Ynet from her hospital bed Sunday.

“We started walking fast but the terrorist emerged from one of the stores and lunged at us and started stabbing my husband. My husband is a strong man and started fighting him, he punched him in the face. At that point, the terrorist started stabbing me. Then he went back to my husband and stabbed him again and again. I also fought him, I tried to take away the knife, but I failed,” she recounted.

Banita said Palestinian youths who saw the attack laughed and cursed at her as she yelled for help.

She said that one of them slapped her and another laughed in her face and told her to “drop dead” when she told him she’d give him a million shekels if he helped her get away with her two babies.

“They saw that we were with two baby carriages,” she said.

Banita — stabbed, bleeding and losing consciousness fast — said she used her last ounces of energy to run toward security forces for help.

“I said ‘I’m hurt, my husband is stabbed and my two babies are there alone,’ then I lost consciousness,” she said.

Nehemia Lavi, 41, an Old City resident who heard the screams, came to help and he too was stabbed and killed by the terrorist. Read more at the Times of Israel.

Israel Raps BBC for ‘Unethical’ Terror Attack Headline

Al-Jazeera’s reporting sparks outrage on social media; neither network describes Saturday killings as terrorism

By Tamar Pileggi and Jonathan Beck

The Government Press Office on Sunday warned the BBC it could face sanctions for running a news headline highlighting the death of the Palestinian terrorist shot by police Saturday after fatally stabbing two Israelis, rather than the attack itself.

A harshly-worded letter was sent to Richard Palmer, the head of the BBC bureau in Israel, by the head of the GPO after the British network initially published a headline that read “Palestinian shot dead after Jerusalem attack kills two.”

The headline, which referred to the two Israeli victims in a passive voice and neglected to mention that the Palestinian casualty — Muhannad Halabi, 19 — was shot by police at the scene of the deadly attack, was widely condemned in Israel.

The BBC later amended the headline but the head of the GPO Nitzan Hen told Palmer in the letter that the BBC’s efforts were “far from satisfactory.”

Hen charged that the BBC coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was “unethical” and could serve to incite more violence against Israelis.

Officials in both the GPO and the Israeli Embassy in London asked the network to change the headline and it was changed at least three times, but each time to a phrase that did not accurately reflect the events of Saturday’s attack, the Hebrew language NRG website reported.

The network, which has a long history of alleged anti-Israel bias, claimed in its defense that the headline in question was written by a junior editor and was not the result of an anti-Israel agenda.

The BBC issued an official response Sunday saying the network “identified that the headline didn’t accurately reflect the events, nor the details reported in our online story, so changed it of our own accord.”

According to a GPO official, Israel expects an official apology from the network, and said the office was considering annulling the press cards of BBC journalists, a decision that if implemented would not allow the network to continue operating in Israel.

The Qatar-based network al-Jazeera also came under fire for publishing a similarly misleading headline on social media to its story of Saturday’s stabbing.

“Palestinian shot dead after fatal stabbing in Jerusalem; 2 Israeli victims also killed,” the tweet read.

While it did not prompt an official response from the GPO, social media users expressed outrage at the network for failing to mention the Palestinian was the perpetrator of the attack.

Following the outcry, the network apologized and revised the headline to read, “Two Israelis killed in stabbing attack; Palestinian suspect shot dead.”

An al-Jazeera editor on Sunday wrote that the network “regretted” the wording of its headline and tweet of the attack, saying it appeared “to minimize the killings of the Israeli victims and leaves out the context that the Palestinian man was their attacker.”

The editor said al-Jazeera was alerted to the post after “many people in our audience pointed out” its problematic nature. It said the post was written “under the pressure of breaking news.”

The news agency called the criticism by its viewers “valid” and said the story was updated with the amended headline.

In their reports, neither al-Jazeera nor the BBC referred to the deadly stabbing attack as terrorism.

On Saturday evening, Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and IDF soldier Aharon Banita were stabbed to death in Jerusalem’s Old City by Halabi. Banita’s wife was also stabbed and was taken to hospital in serious condition. The Banitas’ two-year-old was lightly wounded in the attack. Read more at the Times of Israel.

Gaza Rocket Strikes Southern Israel

Rockets Fired on Israel Meme

Alert heard in communities of Nahal Oz and Alumim amidst rising tensions in the West Bank and Jerusalem; no injuries or damage reported.

A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip struck an open area in the Eshkol Regional Council Sunday night, according to an IDF spokesperson.

Authorities were deployed to the field to search for the site of the strike.

Code red sirens were not triggered during the attack as the rocket’s trajectory did not put any inhabitated areas in danger.

A second rocket was fired, triggering Code red sirens in Nahal Oz and Alumim in southern Israel, just near the border with Gaza.

The rocket fell short of the border fence and landed inside the Gaza Strip.

The possible rocket fire comes amidst rising tenstions [sic] in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Read more at Ynet News.

In Second Attack, Israeli Teen Stabbed Outside Jerusalem’s Old City

Kasim Meme - Facebook Stabbing Attack 10-4-2015

Palestinian assaults Israeli near Damascus Gate, and is shot dead by police; victim reportedly in moderate condition

A Palestinian stabbed an Israeli teen outside Jerusalem’s Old City early Sunday morning, in the second such attack in the past day.

The suspected assailant was reportedly shot dead by Israeli security forces.

Initial reports indicated that the 15-year-old victim was in moderate condition and received treated on site by paramedics. He was taken to Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital with wounds to the chest and back.

The attacker reportedly fled the scene after stabbing the teen. A video posted online appeared to show him several hundred yards from the site of the attack, on the light rail tracks, where he was shot by police officers.

Hamas media identified the suspected stabber as Fadi Alwan, a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. Read more at the Times of Israel.

UPDATE: Two Israeli Men Killed, 2 Israelis Injured, in Jerusalem Stabbing Terror Attack

Kasim Meme Facebook Jerusalem Attack Update 10-3-2015

Victims include mother in serious condition and toddler who sustained light injuries; terrorist killed by security forces


Two Israeli men in their 40s died of their wounds Saturday night after being stabbed in Jerusalem’s Old City in a terror attack.

One of the men’s wife is in serious condition and their two-year-old baby was lightly wounded.

The men were stabbed in the upper body and were unconscious when paramedics arrived at the scene.

When the attack began, the injured woman managed to run and alert a group of Border Police forces nearby who arrived on the scene and shot and killed the attacker.

The baby was shot in the leg, although it is not yet entirely clear how. Police said the attacker may have grabbed a firearm the father was carrying but it is not clear if he managed to fire it.

The mother and toddler were taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment. Read more at the Times of Israel.