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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Statement on Operation Protective Edge

Binyamin_Netanyahu_IsraNetanyahu says attempts at calm rebuffed by Hamas, campaign to end rocket fire may take time

In a statement Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the campaign against terror groups in Gaza would continue until rocket fire from the Strip ceases, and accused Hamas of rebuffing all recent attempts at restoring quiet.

“The State of Israel is in the middle of a campaign to bring back quiet and security for our citizens,” Netanyahu said in the statement. “We won’t tolerate rocket fire on our cities and towns. So I have ordered a dramatic widening of the IDF operation against the Hamas terrorists and against the terrorists of all other terror groups in the Gaza Strip.”

The escalation was ordered “only after all attempts to bring back quiet went unanswered, and Hamas chose escalation,” he said. “We do not go joyfully to battle, but the security of our citizens and our children comes first. We will do everything it takes so that the quiet that existed here in recent years will continue.”

IDF operations “are directed at Hamas terrorists, not against innocent civilians,” he added, “while Hamas intentionally hides behind Palestinian civilians, so it bears the responsibility when they are accidentally hurt.”

Read more at The Times of Israel.

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CUFI’s Talking Points on The IDF’s Operation Protective Edge Against Hamas

Operation Protective Edge squareYesterday, the Israel Defense Forces launched Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.

This operation is an effort to stop the recent escalation in Hamas terrorism and missile fire.

Since the beginning of the year, over 450 rockets have been fired from Gaza into Israel.

  • Yesterday alone, 80 rockets were fired into Israel.
  • Once again, the residents of southern cities such as Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod and Be’er Sheva have returned to the bomb shelters.
  • Today, a missile fired at Tel Aviv was stopped by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.
  • Israel has blamed Hamas for the brutal murder of three students kidnapped on their way home from school.

In the coming days, many will criticize Israel’s actions while glossing over the necessity for them.  As we pray for the safety of the Israel Defense Forces and innocent civilians on both sides of this conflict, we must not be silent.  We must know our facts and speak out in Israel’s defense.  Israel must not be condemned for doing what any responsible government would do to protect its citizens from terror.  We must not permit Israeli defense to be equated with Hamas aggression.

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Israeli Cabinet approves massive call-up ahead of possible ground operation

idf soldiersThe cabinet on Tuesday afternoon approved an IDF request to call up as many as 40,000 reserve combat troops.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz had asked for the additional troops earlier in the day. The added forces are slated to replace active duty battalions on other fronts, freeing them up for a possible ground incursion into the Strip as part of Operation Protective Edge.

The IDF used the authorization to immediately call up some 15,000 reserve combat troops on Tuesday afternoon, the Ynet news website reported.

The large call-up would seem to presage a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip. Read more at The Times of Israel.

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The IDF’s Announcement of Operation Protective Edge

commencedThe IDF has commenced Operation Protective Edge in Gaza against Hamas, in order to stop the terror Israel’s citizens face on a daily basis

Gaza terrorists have fired more than 450 rockets at Israel since the beginning of the year. The attacks have sent thousands running into bomb shelters and threaten 3.5 million Israeli lives.

Since Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, terrorists from the strip have fired more than 8,000 rockets into Israel.

Although Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense system stops some of the attacks, most rockets are capable of reaching Israel’s biggest cities. More than half a million Israelis have less than 60 seconds to find shelter after a rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel. Many have only 15 seconds. Read more on the IDF’s Blog.

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