November 22, 2015: “My enemies speak evil of me; ‘When will he die and his name be lost?'”

Terrorist Attack 11-22-2105

Just as David’s enemies did (Psalm 41:6), Israel’s enemies desperately want for Israelis and Jews around the world to die and their names to be forgotten. Christians United for Israel and supporters of Israel around the globe are dedicated to ensuring that Israel and the Jewish people are able to live and prosper in peace and security and that those cruelly taken by terrorism are honored and remembered. Join us in reading and sharing these articles to do our part in informing the world of the righteousness of Israel’s cause in her fight against the senseless evil of terrorism. Thankfully, as you will see below, even Germany’s intelligence chief and Walter Russell Mead have recognized that Israel’s response to terror is one that Germany and the rest of the world should employ. 

Hadar Is the 21st to Be Murdered since October 1

Murder of Hadar Buchris, 21, brings the total of murders since start of current terror surge to 21. Another 192 were injured, 20 seriously.

By Kobi Finkler

The stabbing murder of Hadar Buchris Hy”d, 21, brings to 21 the total of murders since the start of the current Arab terror surge, when Naama and Eitam Henkin Hy”d were murdered in Samaria on October 1.

The total number of casualties evacuated to hospitals by Magen David Adom during this period is 213.

The shooting murder of the Henkins – which took place as their children watched – was followed by the stabbing murders of Rabbi Nehemia Lavi and Aharon Bennet Hy”d, in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Next to be murdered by Arab terrorists were Haim Haviv, Alon Govberg and Richard Lakin Hy”d, who were shot and stabbed inside a bus at Armon Hanatziv, in southern Jerusalem.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Krishevsky Hy”d was murdered in a car ramming attack on Malchei Yisrael Street in Jerusalem. Sgt. Omri Levy Hy”d, of Sdei Hemed, was shot to death in the Be’er Sheva Central Bus Station, and an Eritrean national was also mistakenly killed in the confusion of the attack.

Avraham Asher Hasno Hy”d was run over deliberately on Highway 60, near Kiryat Arba, and Border Policeman St.-Sgt. Binyamin Yaakobovich Hy”d was run over at the Hahoul Junction and died of his wounds.

Rabbi Yaakov Litman Hy”d and his son Netanel Hy”d were murdered in a shooting ambush near Otniel. Reuven Aviram and Aharon Yisayev Hy”d were murdered in a stabbing attack in the Panorama Building in Tel Aviv. Yaakov Don, Ezra Schwartz and an Arab, Shadi Arfa, were murdered in a shooting attack near Elon Moreh and Hadar Buchris was murdered today.

A total of 192 people were injured in car ramming, stabbing and shooting attacks. Of these, 20 were seriously injured, five suffered moderate to serious wounds, 28 were moderately injured, one was classified as having light-to-moderate wounds and 138 endured light wounds.

In addition, MDA teams have treated 82 emotional shock victims. View the article at Arutz Sheva.

Hundreds Turn Out to Pay Last Tribute to Slain US Teen

Ezra Schwartz, killed in a terror attack on Thursday, flown to Boston for his funeral; ‘He had a wonderful life,’ father says

By Times of Israel Staff

Several hundred people were on hand at the Ben Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv to say goodbye to Ezra Schwartz, 18, before his body was loaded on to a plane to be flown back to his native Sharon, Massachusetts. Schwartz was one of three people killed Thursday when a Palestinian man opened fire at vehicles outside the settlement of Alon Shvut, just south of Jerusalem.

Among the mourners, who prayed and sang the Israeli national anthem, “Hatikva,” at the airport were dozens of his fellow students at Yeshivat Ashreinu in Beit Shemesh, where Schwartz was spending his post-high school gap year.

He and a group of students were delivering food parcels to Israeli soldiers in the area when the terrorist opened fire. The attacker also killed Ya’akov Don, 51, a teacher from nearby Alon Svhut and Shadi Arfah, a 24-year-old Palestinian from Hebron, before he ran out of ammunition and was arrested.

During the ceremony, a letter was read from Schwartz’s father, Ari.

“I cannot help but be happy for Ezra,” he wrote. “We know that he is okay right now and that gives us peace.”

The letter continued, “We have no regrets. I am happy for him because of all the places he went and all the people he was able to touch. Some people live long lives but have unfortunate circumstances that make life hard. Ezra had a wonderful life and he died a happy person, and that is more important than anything else.” Read the rest at the Times of Israel.

German Intelligence Chief: We Should Respond To Terror As Israel Does

The Staff

After a soccer match between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled on Tuesday due to a bomb threat, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency said that his country should respond to terror like Israel does, Ynet reported on Wednesday.

Hans-Georg Maassen, president of Germany’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, observed in an interview on German television that Israel does not cancel public events in the face of terror threats.

Maassen said Germany must not surrender to ISIS’s terrorism. He noted that in Israel, soccer matches and concerts go on despite threats of terrorism….

Massen told German television that if ISIS will attack Germany if it can, and that’s his agency’s main concern, but that Germany has to avoid cancelling large public events in the face of these concerns. He said that a very serious tip that German intelligence received caused the cancellation of the match on Tuesday. He did not reveal what that tip was or comment on the reports that said it came from France.

Bard College professor Walter Russell Mead made a similar point in The American Interest, writing that in the aftermath of last week’s terror attacks in Paris, Israel needs to serve as a model for the West:

To survive and to thrive, the West will have to become more like Israel: guarding ourselves constantly against a threat that can’t be eliminated. The terrorists will continually try to develop new tactics to get around our security measures, and our security forces will have to find countermeasures against new and shifting terror attacks. Life in the West will be marked by periodic episodes of violence, which will be followed by security increases—but life will still go on.

Grave dangers remain. The terrorists are still on the hunt for WMD. Chemical weapons are being used in Syria; the jihad knows no scruples when it comes to their use. The dirty bomb, the chemical attack, the poisoning of reservoirs: These dangers grow over time.
But for now, Paris simply reminds us that, like the Israelis, we live in a dangerous world. The peace and security of the western world, our ability to enjoy the amusements and the diversions of the greatest and most beautiful cities the world has ever known, all depend on the vigilance of our security forces and the competence of their leaders. Read the rest at The Tower.

American Teen Named among Victims of Gush Etzion Terror Attack

Ezra Schwartz Meme Higher Res.

Three people were killed when a Palestinian terrorist fired at cars near Alon Shvut…

Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year old American on a gap year in Israel was among three victims of a terror attack late Thursday afternoon at the Gush Etzion junction in the West Bank. Seven others were lightly wounded in the attack.

He was in a van with five others friends from the Beit Shemesh yeshiva where he studied. They had been in the area to distribute food to soldiers stationed in the region.

Their van was among the many cars stuck in traffic at the junction.

A Palestinian who drove from the direction of the Kfar Etzion junction, machined gunned the cars, with an automatic rifle, before hitting a vehicle. Security forces surrounded the terrorist and arrested him.

Magen David Adom paramedics pronounced Schwartz dead at the scene. His five friends were evacuated to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, three were treated for light injuries and two for shock. They were all released.

A second victim from the attack, Palestinian Shadi Arafeh, 24, of Hebron, was also pronounced dead at the scene.

Yaakov Don, 51, a teacher and father of four who lived in the nearby Alon Shvut settlement was evacuated to Hadassah Medical Center in serious condition and was pronounced dead upon his arrival at the hospital.

Two Israeli women, one lightly injured from the gunfire and another from the car accident, were taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, where they will remain overnight.

The United States said it considered the attack to be an act of terrorism.

“We condemn these terrorist attacks against innocent civilians in the strongest possible terms,” Edgar Vasquez, a spokesperson for the State Department, told The Jerusalem Post.

“As we’ve made clear, we remain deeply concerned about the situation,” he said, “and continue to urge all sides to take affirmative steps to restore calm and prevent actions that would further escalate tensions.”

Within hours after the attack, friends posted messages about Schwartz on his Facebook page. The teen, from Sharon, Massachusetts was a graduate of Maimonides Day School.

His friend Adam Kingstein wrote, “I only knew Ezra Schwartz for a few months but he was always such a good friend. He was always so happy to see everyone and gave all his friends hugs whenever he saw them. After only knowing Ezra for a few weeks I asked him to room with me at Rutgers next year. We were so excited for it and spoke a lot about how college together would be. Even if we won’t be roommates next year you’ll always be with me college.”

Benjamin Edelman wrote, “Ezra was a great and kind friend to me on USY on wheels and never failed to brighten up my day. Wheels is short, but you feel like you’ve known a person forever after going on a trip like that with them. Some of my greatest memories on the trip were with Ezra. We, along with Dov and Henryck, would choose to room together every Shabbat and he always made me laugh and have a great time. Ezra’s constant positivity and kindness made him an amazing human being, and I am shocked and deeply saddened by what happened today. Rest in peace my friend.” View the article at The Times of Israel.

Two Killed, Two Wounded in Tel Aviv Stabbing Attack

Terror attack morning 11-18-2015

Excerpts from the Times of Israel blog. Get LIVE updates here:

Tel Aviv stabbing takes place as worshipers exit prayer room

2 killed, 2 wounded in attack at office building in southern part of city

Second person pronounced dead in TA stabbing
A second man dies of his wounds after being stabbed in Tel Aviv’s Ben Tzvi street. The man was rushed in serious condition to the nearby Ichilov hospital for emergency treatment, but medical teams were unable to stabilize him, a police spokeswoman says.

— Judah Ari Gross

No indications of second attacker
Police say there is no indication that a second attacker is on the loose in Tel Aviv, Israel Radio reports.

One suspected stabber, a 24-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank village of Dura, was arrested by police earlier.


The Panorama office building, where the attack occurred, is evacuated. The attack took place at a synagogue at the site, eyewitnesses say.

One person has been reported killed in the attack. Three people are reported wounded — two are in moderate to severe condition, and one is lightly

One attacker is in police custody, while security forces are reportedly searching for a second possible suspect.

Police searching Tel Aviv for second stabber
Police are searching for a second stabber in Tel Aviv’s attack, Israel Radio reports.

One attacker was caught following the stabbing.

One killed, another critically wounded in Tel Aviv stabbing
One of the people who was stabbed in an attack in south Tel Aviv is pronounced dead after succumbing to wounds sustained.

A second person is severely wounded.

One attacker is caught by police.

More details to come.

One of TA stabbers arrested by police
One of the attackers in the stabbing in southern Tel Aviv is caught and arrested by police, Israel Radio reports.

2 critically wounded in Tel Aviv stabbing
The two people who were stabbed on Tel Aviv’s Ben Zvi street are reported to be in critical condition.

Initial reports suggest the stabbing was a terrorist attack carried out by two people.

Several other people are reported wounded as well, but their conditions are not yet known.

2 people stabbed in Tel Aviv
Two people are stabbed on a bus near Tel Aviv’s Ben Zvi street.

Police are investigating the incident and security forces are on their way to the scene. Read more at the Times of Israel live blog.

32 dead, 80 Hurt in Nigeria Blast Blamed on Boko Haram

Pray for Nigeria Meme 11-18-2015

At least 32 people are dead and about 80 people are hurt after an explosion in the Nigerian city of Yola, according to various reports.

The blast took place at a fruit and vegetable market near a main road, Al Jazeera reports.

No one claimed responsibility, but the news agency reports that the blame will likely be placed on Boko Haram, the group that has killed thousands as it attempts to promote Islamic law in Nigeria.

Tuesday night’s blast breaks a three-week hiatus in bombings after a string of suicide attacks culminated in twin explosions in mosques in two northeastern cities that killed 42 people and wounded more than 100 on Oct. 23.

One of the mosques attacked was in Yola, capital of Adamawa state, where the blast took place Tuesday night.

The dead and the injured were evacuated to hospitals, Sa’ad Bello, coordinator of the National Emergency Management Agency, told the Associated Press.

Most victims were vendors and passers-by, said Deputy Superintendent Othman Abubakar, the police spokesman for Adamawa state.

Nigeria’s military has reported foiling several suicide bombers recently and killing and capturing insurgents as it destroys Boko Haram camps in air raids and ground attacks. Read more about this attack at USA Today.