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Israeli Prime Minister: ISIS and Nuclear Iran Are ‘Twin Challenges’

bibi“They all want to get rid of Israel on their way to the Great Satan”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed support for President Barack Obama’s goal of defeating ISIS but said curbing Iran’s nuclear program is also top priority during a recent interview.

Netanyahu told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria in a segment airing Sunday that while ISIS is “growing by day,” its power lies not in its numbers, but in “the strength of terror and fear.” Natanyahu reaffirmed previous remarks to the United Nations that “Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas” and said that he would never negotiate with Hamas as long as it “remains committed to [Israel's] destruction.” Read more at Time.

Fliers posted at California university blame Jews for September 11th

anti_Jewish_flyer_posted_UCSB_2014_9_27_539_360_c1A series of fliers posted on the campus of the University of California, Santa Barbara, accused Jews of being behind the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The fliers, which appeared around campus during last weekend when students were moving in for the fall semester, declared that “9/11 Was an Outside Job,” with a large blue Star of David. The text urged readers to visit websites arguing that the attacks were the result of an international Zionist conspiracy and to Google terms such as “9/11 Was Mossad.”

Rabbi Evan Goodman, executive director of UC Santa Barbara’s Hillel, estimated that up to 10 fliers were posted around campus, the Los Angeles Jewish Journal reported. In a posting on the blog for the Santa Barbara Hillel, Goodman said that Hillel and university staff along with students had taken down the fliers, and that there was no indication that any students or student groups had put them up. Read more at The Jerusalem Post.

Netanyahu to Ban: UN is biased against Israel

UN_General_Assembly_hallPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Tuesday afternoon at the UN offices in New York, and complained that the UN holds Israel to a different standard of behavior than other states.

According to sources in the Prime Minister’s Office, Netanyahu “declared that there was no justice in the fact that the standard applied to Israel was different than that applied to other countries.” Netanyahu cited the high death toll in Syria, emphasizing that in contrast to Syria, the UN disproportionally targeted Israel for condemnation and criticism.

Netanyahu argued that unlike the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, Israel did not direct attacks against civilians and added that he regretted any harm done to innocents.

The Prime Minister’s Office also reported that Netanyahu complained to the UN chief that the UN Human Rights Council was not focusing its inquiry on Hamas, which allegedly used UN facilities in order to fire at Israel, and asserted that Israel would struggle to change that. Repeating a theme emphasized in his speech Monday before the United Nations General Assembly, Netanyahu said that the council was biased against Israel and defends Hamas. Read more at The Times of Israel.

Israeli priest to testify at UN on Muslim oppression

Father Gabriel NaddafGreek Orthodox priest from Israel who supports enlistment into the IDF is set to tell the United Nations Human Rights Council about the plight of Christian minorities who are being oppressed by Muslim extremists.

Israeli-Arab Father Gabriel Naddaf, who is the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Yafia near Nazareth, is scheduled to give his testimony to the 47 member nations of the council during a special debate on racism on Tuesday.

 Naddaf’s appearance was announced by UN Watch, an Israel-linked group that monitors the multinational body for compliance to the UN charter.

The NGO said on Monday that a Christian is killed every five minutes for his or her faith.

Naddaf has become a controversial figure in Israel since joining the Forum for Drafting the Christian Community in October 2012 and for openly calling on Israel Christians to serve in the IDF. His activities have drawn criticism from Arab MKs and the threats against his family.  Read more at The Times of Israel.