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CUFI Talking Points- The state of the U.S.-Israel relationship

talking points on the us israel relationshipThe media is awash in articles declaring that the U.S.-Israel relationship has hit a new low.  And yes, when you have an unnamed Administration official calling the Prime Minister of Israel a “chickensh**t,” things have definitely gotten bad.
But what troubles us more than the childish name calling is the persistent policy.  In recent months, we have seen this Administration take a number of disturbing actions towards our ally, Israel, including:

•    Delaying shipment of critical weapons to Israel in the middle of Israel’s summer war with Hamas.
•    Denying Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon key meetings with the Vice President and the Secretary of State during his recent visit.
•    Implying — as Secretary of State Kerry recently did — that Israel is in danger of becoming an apartheid state and that the failure to solve Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians is somehow fueling the growth of ISIS.
At a juncture like this, it’s more important than ever that we in CUFI speak up in support of our ally Israel and remind our neighbors, friends and elected officials of certain fundamental truths.

It is absolutely true that Israel is exercising enormous caution as it contemplates an attack Iran to stop the existential threat of a nuclear Iran. This caution in the face of such a challenge should not be mocked as if Israel is ducking a schoolyard fight.

Israel’s caution with the lives of its own citizens and those of Iran should be respected.  Last we checked, the Obama Administration was sending signals that it will do little more than capitulate to Iran’s main demands in the ongoing nuclear negotiations.
Israel remains the only U.S. ally in the region, and the world, that is on the front lines fighting our shared enemies in Hezbollah, Hamas and al Qaeda for us.

Israel is not boosting ISIS recruitment.  The true source of ISIS’ appeal is its ugly, genocidal ideology and the absence of clear U.S. leadership in the Middle East.

Second victim of Jerusalem terrorist attack dies from wounds

A woman who was critically injured in a terror attack on a Jerusalem light rail station last Wednesday died of her wounds on Sunday, pushing the death toll from the incident up to two.

Karen Yemima Muscara was an Ecuadorian citizen in her 20s who had come to Israel to convert to Judaism.

She was pronounced dead Sunday evening by doctors at Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital in Jerusalem, and laid to rest Sunday night on the Mount of Olives. An estimated 400 people, including Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and the Ecuadorian ambassador to Israel, attended her funeral.  Read more at The Times of Israel.

Man with Islamic ‘extremist leanings’ attacks NY police Read more: Man with Islamic ‘extremist leanings’ attacks NY police

nypdA man reported to have Islamic “extremist leanings” attacked police officers in New York City with a hatchet Thursday, injuring two before being shot dead, police and a monitoring group said.

The man, identified in the US media as Zale Thompson, had posted an array of statements on YouTube and Facebook that “display a hyper-racial focus in both religious and historical contexts, and ultimately hint at his extremist leanings,” the SITE monitoring group said.

Four police officers in the city’s Queens borough were posing for a photograph at the request of a freelance photographer when the man walked up and without saying a word attacked them, a city hall statement said. Read more at The Times of Israel.

Palestinians pelt Jerusalem kindergarten with rocks

jerusalem 1Less than a day after a terrorist attack on a light rail station in Jerusalem in which a three-month-old baby was killed, tensions flared in the capital.

Early Thursday morning, a Jewish kindergarten in East Jerusalem was pelted with rocks. No casualties were reported in the incident, which took place in the Ma’ale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives, near Ras el-Amud.

Police were searching for the perpetrators, who fled the scene.

Hours after Wednesday’s attack, which saw a Hamas supporter from East Jerusalem ram his car into a busy station, attacks on the light rail continued, with Arab residents of the city hurling rocks and damaging two train cars in Shuafat. Read more at The Times of Israel.