John Hagee Ministries Holds 33rd Annual Night to Honor Israel

Amb  Ron Dermer at Cornerstone NTHI 2014On Sunday, John Hagee Ministries (JHM) held its 33rd annual Night to Honor Israel at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. Israel’s Ambassador to the United States, Ron Dermer, and syndicated radio host Dennis Prager served as the event’s keynote speakers. They were joined on the stage by Meir Shlomo, Consul General of Israel to the Southwest, and Pastor John Hagee, founder and Chairman of Christians United for Israel (CUFI). The closing benediction was offered by Rabbi Pynchas Brener, the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Caracas, Venezuela.

Several of the speakers expressed concern that the U.S. and other world powers are wavering in their negations with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear weapons program.

Speaking of Iran’s leaders, Hagee reminded the audience “These are the people who openly state they intend to destroy Israel and America.”

“Bowing to Iran’s demands will not bring peace to Israel and it will not bring peace to the world,” Hagee said.

“Folks, I don’t know if there will be a deal with Iran next month, but Israel is very concerned,” Dermer said. “We’re concerned because a year ago, some hoped that the tough sanctions regime on Iran would only be dismantled if Iran’s nuclear weapons program was dismantled. Today, the international community is prepared to make a deal that would suspend and ultimately lift the sanctions.”

At the event’s conclusion, JHM distributed $2.8 million in donations to Israeli and Jewish charities. The following organizations received support: Afikim Family Enrichment Association, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Avukat Or, Bikur V’Ezras Cholim, Forum for Christian Enlistment, Friends of the IDF, Heart of Benjamin, International Council of Young Israel, Israel Help and Education Center at Kiryat Gat, Jewish Agency for Israel, Just One Life, Kefar Tsevi Sitrin, the Koby Mandell Foundation, Magen David Adom, Meir Panim, Nahal Haredi, Nefesh B’Nefesh, Netanya Academic College, Ohr Torah Stone, Or L’Doron, Save a Child’s Heart, Shurat Hadin, Western Galilee Hospital, the Women’s International Zionist Organization, World ORT, and Yad Vashem.

Since holding its first Night to Honor Israel, JHM has donated more than $80 million to Israeli and Jewish charities.

Iran refuses entry to UN nuclear watchdog envoy

Iran nuke mapAn Iranian official says Tehran has denied entry into the country to a member of an International Atomic Energy Agency delegation.

The semi-official Fars news agency quoted Reza Najafi, Iran’s envoy to the UN nuclear watchdog, as saying that Iran had a sovereign right to deny a visa to a delegation member.

Najafi did not identify the person, but said he was not an IAEA inspector and had a “particular nationality.”

Iran in the past has refused to let in agency inspectors who have Western nationalities. Read more at The Times of Israel.