Arrow missile defense system successfully tested

arrow missle

In the face of Iran’s continued pursuit of a nuclear weapon, Israel tested the Arrow missile defense system on Friday in what officials said was a successful demonstration of the country’s ability to defend itself in a future war.

At 11 a.m., an F-15 Israel Air Force (IAF) fighter jet launched a Blue Sparrow, a missile developed by Raphael to impersonate long-range Iranian ballistic missiles.

The Arrow’s radar and detection system, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) detected the incoming “enemy” missile and tracked it together with the US X-Band radar deployed in the Negev dessert.

The Arrow interceptor was not launched during the test, in line with the parameters of the drill, which was carried out to test the system’s overall capabilities in detecting and tracking incoming enemy targets.

The Defense Ministry said the test was not connected to current events and was part of the Arrow systems annual training regiment, but that it was a significant milestone, as it completes the development of the Block 4 stage of the interceptor, which will be delivered to the IAF soon. Read more.

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