IDF strikes two Hamas facilities after rocket fired from Gaza at Netivot


Israeli Air Force jets struck two Hamas installations in the north of the Gaza Strip early Thursday in response to the latest rocket fire from the territory at Israeli communities nearby, the army said.

There were no immediate reports about damage or casualties from the Israeli strike.

Less than two hours before the strike, a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed in an empty field in the Sdot Negev Regional Council near Netivot.

The rocket exploded on impact. No one was hurt and no damage was reported from the explosion.

The “code red” siren did not trigger, as the army’s sensors determined the rocket would not land near a populated area.

Security forces combed the area.

Initial assessments suggested that the rocket was not fired by Hamas, which rules Gaza, but by radical Salafist groups in the strip, according to Hebrew media reports citing military sources.

A rocket was last fired at Israel from Gaza in late February, leading the IDF to launch air strikes against five Hamas installations in the territory.

Israel holds Hamas responsible for all rocket fire and other attacks emanating from the territory.

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