At sites of bombings, PM vows Israel will relentlessly confront Iranian terror

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday attended memorials marking massive bombing attacks on the Israeli Embassy and a Jewish community center here, accusing Iran of continuing to export terror and asserting that Israel will continue to fight Iranian aggression.

“Israel has been and will continue to be a spearhead in the struggle against global terrorism, and we will continue to act with determination, in various ways, to defend ourselves from the aggression and terrorism of Iran and against terrorism in general,” he said at an event at the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina Jewish community center, known as AMIA.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara sign the guest book during a visit at the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on September 11, 2017 (Avi Ohayon/GPO)

Hours after landing in Buenos Aires, the prime minister’s delegation headed to the site of the former Israeli embassy, which was rocked by a suicide bombing on March 17, 1992.

Twenty-nine people were killed in the Iranian-sponsored attack, including four members of Israel’s foreign service, the deadliest ever attack on an Israeli mission. Three Israelis whose loved ones were killed accompanied the prime minister from Israel for the memorial.

“Iran stood behind these events,” Netanyahu said at a ceremony at the site, referring to Iran’s role in orchestrating both the 1992 embassy attack and the bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994.

“We are determined to fight Iran’s terrorism, and we are determined to prevent it from establishing itself near our border,” he declared.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, at a memorial for victims of a bombing of an Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires on September 11, 2017. (Raphael Ahren/Times of Israel)

Netanyahu earlier told reporters that activity by Iranian proxy Hezbollah in Latin America would be on the agenda in meetings with leaders during his four-day tour through Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

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Jews, Christians, Muslim Work Together After Hurricane to Provide Kosher Meals for Orthodox Jews


The floodwaters rose so high, that people found that snakes had moved in, ready to greet them when they returned home. From reports by people of faith, however, one ancient reptile didn’t take part in the housewarmings. The Primordial Serpent, real or allegorical, kept its distance from lots of the affected area.

Perhaps it fled in revulsion of all the good that was in evidence, especially among people of faith. Here is one example out of many.

The Orthodox Jewish community was particularly hard hit. Many communal institutions and much of its population were in the path of Brays Bayou that overflowed beyond anyone’s imagination. Hundreds of people were flooded out of their homes, just as were, tragically, thousands of their fellow Houstonians.

Their plight had an added dimension. Observant Jews can only eat kosher food; little was available in Houston after Harvey. Tzivia Weiss, the woman who heads the Houston agency that oversees kosher facilities, phoned her colleague in the closest Orthodox community — Dallas. Rabbi Sholey Klein, the head of Dallas Kosher, working in concert with local rabbis, immediately committed to fill the shortfall, one way or another. Three caterers — ordinarily competitors — joined to start production of thousands of kosher meals. The funding would have to wait for later.

Initially, the team thought to provide for 300 people, three times a day. One visit to the submerged community in Houston drove home the realization a much greater need. Food preparation quickly morphed into a military-type campaign. They commandeered a school campus in Houston as a distribution center. As the water receded, they branched out to three satellite locations.

Here is why people of faith are so grateful to be Americans:

Two pastors associated with Eagle Mountain International Church (EMIC), west of Ft. Worth, remembered their Jewish friends. They had worked cooperatively in the past; the Christians United For Israel organization was the glue that had first held them together. Pastors Brian Sanders and Troy Grimes set out for Dallas to see what their friends were up to. Seeing the quality of their work, the two decided that they wanted to be part of it.

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Ancient Hebrew Seals From Judean Kingdom Unearthed in Jerusalem Excavations


A collection of First Temple-period seals has been discovered during excavations in Jerusalem’s City of David.

Several of the seals are emblazoned with Hebrew inscriptions, and dozens of the ancient seals reference the names of officials from the Judean kingdom who lived before the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, including “Pinchas” and “Achiav ben Menachem.”

The seals, which are small pieces of clay used to close letters, were well-preserved due the raging fires ignited in the holy city by the invading armies of Babylon thousands of years ago.

The findings were discovered during excavations overseen by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) in the City of David National Park. The excavations were funded by the Ir David Foundation. The artifacts will be displayed at the City of David’s annual archaeology conference this week.

“Through these findings, we learn not only about the developed administrative systems in the city (Jerusalem), but also about the residents and those who served in the civil service,” said Ortal Chalaf and Dr. Joe Uziel, excavation directors for the IAA.


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Israeli Aid Teams Deploy to Florida’s Hardest-Hit Areas in Wake of Hurricane Irma


Israeli rescue and humanitarian aid groups have deployed to the hardest-hit areas in Florida, including the Florida Keys and Naples areas, in the wake of Hurricane Irma, which struck last weekend.

In the Florida Keys, teams from the Israel Rescue Coalition (IRC) and United Hatzalah brought aid and medical assistance as well as much needed water and food to residents Tuesday. They also conducted house-to-house searches for people who chose not to evacuate and were stranded by the hurricane.

“The entire area is without water, power, food, plumbing or cell service and most of the homes are severely damaged,” Gavy Friedson, an EMT with IRC and United Hatzalah, said of the Florida Keys. “We are on the way to assist with search and rescue ops such as door-to-door searches for missing people or families — and unfortunately there is a long list of missing people.”

Among the Florida Keys residents the Israeli teams assisted was a US military veteran named John, who lives in Marathon, Fla. in the central Keys and took shelter from the storm in his bathroom, but has been without food, water or electricity for days.

“John suffers from a respiratory condition that requires him to receive oxygen on a regular basis,” said Tamar Citron, a veteran search and rescue volunteer from Israel, who is part of the IRC/United Hatzalah team. “Once the hurricane hit, he, like all the residents who were still on the islands, were unable to leave.”

“We provided him with water, food and a lot of positivity,” Citron added. “We notified local authorities and EMS teams that he was here and made sure that they followed up to properly care for him.”

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