Second Day of “Trial” for an American Pastor in Iranian Prision Since September 2012

Photo credit: ACLJ

Photo credit: ACLJ

A court in Tehran on Tuesday asked a lay Christian leader whether an Iranian-American pastor on trial assisted in his conversion, a group supporting the detained US citizen said.

Saeed Abedini, a naturalized US citizen who converted to Christianity, went on trial on Monday at a Tehran court on charges of plotting against state security, according to his lawyer.

The American Center for Law and Justice, a US-based conservative legal advocacy group that is supporting Abedini, said that Abedini was not allowed in the trial Tuesday and that the court heard testimony from a lay church leader.

“This individual was specifically questioned about converting to Christianity and whether Saeed encouraged the conversion to Christianity, which he did,” Jordan Sekulow, the center’s executive director, wrote on the group’s blog.

He said that authorities sought information about underground churches in the country and asked whether foreign funds were involved in an orphanage that Abedini’s family said he is building in northern Iran. Read more.

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